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Mia“Everyone wanted to be like you,” I told my mind, thinking of my successful career as the most popular writer of popular psychology in Russia, my bestseller novels, thousands of grateful people who used my knowledge and skills of personal development consultants, reiki masters and the teacher of meditation; It also applies to my health, the exterior appearance and the shine in my eyes that attests to my inner serenity and joy.

I replied, “Everyone can be like me if you wish. But that meant everything I had to pass to get where I was. And this is something that many would not want. This refers to the years, or, decades ago, of my inadequacy, disturbance, ignorance, suffering, wrongdoing, and my wandering and suffering.

With this introduction I want to convey to you that everything I am today, everything I enjoy and enjoy, is the result of great work, learning, and most – the most varied, often painful experiences that have brushed, polished and obliterated me. I sat and learned to fly. And he realized that others could be light at the exit of the tunnel, alleviate their suffering, speed up development processes and transfer the techniques, skills and knowledge for a better quality, better and more conscious life.

Knowledge and experience that is not transmitted and does not deal with others, is meaningless and meaningless. That is why, with a few in-house vocations and God’s thoughts, I was forced to write about everything, to hold workshops, gatherings, lectures, forums, and seminars.

I am committed to my path of emotional and spiritual development with a great responsibility to the life I have given to my gift and honor to become a parent, with the potential to make my primacy and knowledge contribute to awakening consciousness and a better life on the planet.

Love, Mia

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