Blocked Drain Quick Solution: Lets Salt and Soda to Work!

If you’re frustrated caused by the blocked drain problem, here is the quick solution for you, it’s the salt and the soda time, it’s not about eating your favorite foods for sure, it’s all about crushing the blocked drain with the salt and the soda material.

using salt for blocked drain

There are several causes of blocked drains in your home, it can be the leftovers, the toys, a small stuff, even your ring. If the above objects are clog up, then it will bring various problems to your drain. The bad thing from the blocked drain is it will cause your home so dirty. The blocked drain will stop the water to flow, the the bacteria and the bad smell will come out especially if you don’t fix it quickly.

Let’s do it. To destroy the stuffs on the drain, we better to use the soda. This fluid is the alkaline integrated and is capable of destroying the garbage in the water drains. Most drain clean made from Alkaline, read more here.

To remove the stopper on the waterways that cause the water flow so slowly, it can be done with the tips here. Enter the soda into a bucket with fully of hot water, mix them and make sure all blended.

Throw the blended hot water and soda into the water pipeline. Wait for few minutes until the stuff that stopping the water-flow come out and destroyed.

If the blockage is too strong to push you can add vinegar to blend with the water. Do the same ways as the first step.

The caustic soda is dangerous, don’t play a joke with this substance. Please use some safety tools when you’re working with caustic soda. Don’t forget to use a fine clothes and shoes. In general, avoid contacting the caustic soda with your eyes an skin.

Bottom line: Find the safest way first to push the water or the stuff on the pipeline, the salt also can help you to push the small things such as the leftover on your blocked drain.

It’s easy.. first use the caustic soda and mix it with water, use it to push the clogged stuff, if it not enough you can use the salt, even if it still to strong you can use vinegar.

Call some one pro if you find it hard to solve. Good luck!

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