La Bicicleta Regular Maintenance and How to Avoid The Danger Material from It!

La Bicicleta or The Bicycle is my favorite type of transportation, I 90% go anywhere with this thin-running-iron-machine, I love to ride with bicycle daily. But, a stuff that we used daily is need to get the maintenance session including the La Bicicleta. I understand, most of you probably already know on how to take care a bike, but here I want to share what I’ve done to my bicycle to keep this iron-machine running well.

bicycle running

First, I want to mention the safety side. As mentioned in several sites such as and, some parts of your bike might contain asbestos, so take a note of it. The case is, some special bike using the brake pad which is reported to contain asbestos. Other than that, some iron used on the bikes are also contain asbestos. Please read what asbestos is and how to remove/avoid it at asbestos removal brisbane northside. The oil, mud, the paint, and the exposed chain are dangerous, but some hidden materials such as the asbestos or other chemical material in your bike are also hunting your health so be careful on handling it.


After finding some dangerous things from the bike, now we jump to the maintenance routine.

The Tires

Check the tires air pressure and make sure it meet the standard requirement of your bike. If you planned go to a long-distance place, please also check the quality of your tires. The old tires should need to replace with the new one. Don’t waste your energy on doing tire replacement on the road (more…)

I’ll Fight Hard for It! Tips for Your College Years to Be Excellent

We need some hard work to get the thing we dreamed. None can achieve the big dream without the smart and hard work. This year, I want to get an excellent college result, I’ll fight hard for it. Now, I want to share with you what I am thinking and how the tips should work for me and you. First, to burn your spirit, read here how this guy achieved his dream.

excellent college tips

It’s difficult to tell a lot of good things about what college can offer for a person. The increase in professional perspectives, social interaction and the intellectual stimulation of higher education are definitely valuable. Read on to read this article to learn some good tips for succeeding in college.

Can’t Control Your Money? Learn How To Improve Your Financial Future

I am one of the people who can’t control the money. I mean if I have the money, then I will spend it without thinking much. I know this is so bad but I can’t control it, do you have the same experience? Or you also can’t control your money? If yes lets learn together on how to improve your financial future.

financial problem solution

Making personal financial finance decisions on these days is very important if you hope to see a better tomorrow. So, in this day and age, how can you handle, store, and prepare? It is not as difficult as you can imagine. There are some important rules to consider, but if you follow them, financial security may be yours. (more…)

Landscape: Do You Need an Architect for This?

I always want to be a great architect, but I was wrong because I can’t to draw even creating a mountain picture, so sad huh. But anyway, stop talking about the lack of me, lets pumping our knowledge by reading a new thing. It’s still related to the architect word, today I want you to join with me and discussing about the landscaping architect.

landscape architect

There are experts in the field of landscape and gardening which is often called as the landscape architect. Landscape architecture/garden architecture helps create a beautiful garden concept in the neighborhood of houses, hotels, real estate, villas, offices, even shopping center or area/other buildings. (more…)

Welcome to My Site: The Periodic La Bicicleta

Hi bloggers, welcome to my blog! Today, I just re-started my blogging journal here and hopefully everything okay.

modern bicycle

A couple years ago, I was created a blog about my daily activities, but because I was so busy at that times, then the site is suspended because I forgot to renew my domain and hosting account, what a stupid ……. ha.

Anyway, some of you might ask me what is The Periodic La Bicicleta.

Based from Wiki page, Periodic Bicicleta mean The Bicycle, so in the complete words, The Periodic La Bicicleta means the routine and the scheduled bicycle program.

I am not a bicycle-holic, I just love to use my bicycles exploring the town, I also want to get better health by spending the energy on this exercise. Other than that, my The Periodic La Bicicleta site is exposing my activities. Hope you guys like it and see you in the next post!