About Me

About me is probably the toughest column to write. How to write something about yourself and not to sound pretentious, boring or dry. My name is Marja and I live in Croatia. As I have always been more talented for art than science and my education has started in the artistic direction. I finished high school for Textile, Leather and Design – the design of clothing design.

That was not enough, so I enrolled an additional study of museology. Yes, I know, one interest is more profitable than the other. The comfort is small, but at least I have studied what I like and what I enjoy.

I love to write. Writing is my medium. No matter what I write – postcards, greeting cards, sms, mails, travelogues, letters, seminars, anything – just to write. Here comes the reason why I decided to launch my own website.

I have decided to run this website because I will be able to make decisions independently and be the master of my own. The purpose of the site is to introduce young and not so young artists who deserve the quality and the talent, regardless of political, national, sexual and any other orientation. The criterion for presenting is just and exclusively art. Some of them are dear colleagues and friends, and some have just met and thrilled me with their talent or character.

The goal of this site is pure altruism. Actually not, I’m lying. I’m doing it for my own sake to write about what intrigues me and to introduce you to more interesting personalities and present them in the hope that others will recognize young talents and wish to introduce them. Or simply reading perceiveart.com would like to see what an exhibition, read a book, or travels to a country squeezed out of my descriptions and experiences.

Thank You!