Welcome to My Site: The Periodic La Bicicleta

Hi bloggers, welcome to my blog! Today, I just re-started my blogging journal here and hopefully everything okay.

modern bicycle

A couple years ago, I was created a blog about my daily activities, but because I was so busy at that times, then the site is suspended because I forgot to renew my domain and hosting account, what a stupid ……. ha.

Anyway, some of you might ask me what is The Periodic La Bicicleta.

Based from Wiki page, Periodic Bicicleta mean The Bicycle, so in the complete words, The Periodic La Bicicleta means the routine and the scheduled bicycle program.

I am not a bicycle-holic, I just love to use my bicycles exploring the town, I also want to get better health by spending the energy on this exercise. Other than that, my The Periodic La Bicicleta site is exposing my activities. Hope you guys like it and see you in the next post!

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